Due to ever-increasing energy costs and limited resources, saving energy is becoming more and more important.

An average Viennese household currently spends approximately €12.35 per square metre of housing.

This means an annual thermal energy consumption of approximately 14.500 KWh for a living area of 100m2. Of this, approximately 90% goes to heating, and 10% to hot water and cooking.

The loss of thermal energy breaks down as follows:

  • approx. 40% exterior walls
  • approx. 30% top-storey ceiling/roof
  • approx. 15% chimney (heating)
  • approx. 10% basement
  • approx. 5% windows

Installing more technically sophisticated heating systems can ensure more efficient production of thermal energy.

The cheapest way to save energy, however, is not to use it in the first place.

But direct energy costs are not the only thing that needs rethinking.

As a result of the ratification of the Kyoto protocol, and due to the resulting additional targets of the EU Climate and Energy Package, the Austrian state has to buy additional expensive greenhouse gas quotas because of insufficient energy savings.

These costs put a strain on national finances, and so on each individual taxpayer.


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